Grant application writing and strategic grant consulting

Would you expand your company? Would you create new jobs? Would you invest in equipment or modernize the manufacturing technology? Do you want to provide future professionals? Would you develop a product? Would you train your employees?

We will raise money for you by a Hungarian or EU grant.

We provide full-range strategic consulting and complex professional support to our clients in the field of grant applications.

Our goal is joint success, so we look for grant resources that can help your company’s plans for the next 1-5 years. We manage the entire grant management process of each successful project so that you can draw down the total grant awarded.

We base our clients’ grant strategy on a comprehensive assessment

After studying all the conditions, we discuss the short- and long-term project ideas of your company in detail, and we analyze its capacities and resources.

Considering all information, we develop a grant application strategy for your company by cooperating with you, based on your needs and your conceptions.

ACT Partner Stratégia only launches projects that have been analyzed in detail, have a chance of winning and are sustainable in the long run.

In our company, strategic grant consulting also means complete project management

We think together with you and plan for years to come. We continually harmonize and coordinate your strategic plans with grant opportunities, with the aim of acquiring the greatest non-refundable grant resource possible.

By following the jointly developed strategic grant conception, we provide project management within the framework of a trust-based professional cooperation, which applies to the entire grant management process until the project is completed.

We have outstanding experience in several grant areas

Establishment of training workshops and dual vocational training centres

We know the entire professional and grant application process. 320 students study in the training workshops we’ve helped to set up.

Special and other training grant to Shared Service Centers

We have already contributed to the internal and external training of more than 1,700 employees of multinational companies.

Research, Development and Innovation (R & D & I) grant management

In this field, we have 18 years of experience in generating, writing and managing applications; we have met and implemented fantastic innovation ideas.

ACT Partner Stratégia is an expert of Hungarian and EU non-refundable grant application processes

Our main fields of activity are full-range strategic grant consulting and the preparation of expert studies, business plans and budgets related to the applications.

We provide complex professional support, and we participate in all phases of grant projects. By saving your time and energy, we assist you to keep in contact with grant intermediary organizations and to implement the sustainment conditions.

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We believe in mutual trust, strategy building and development

We believe that the grants awarded are a great help to our partner companies to realize their plans.

We believe that our clients’ interests are also our interests, and with their carefully planned projects, our clients can apply for grants successfully.

We find that with our professional help, companies can more easily integrate the implementation of new developments and grant requirements into their daily operations.

We know that our partners are happy to work with us because we help them to draw down the awarded grants without risk.