Our Clients, who entrust us with the compilation and management of their grant applications, expect high-quality complex work and top results from us.

Over the years, grant projects with a total budget of more than HUF 43 billion have been implemented with the help of ACT Partner Stratégia Kft.

Needs assessment

The basis of our cooperation is to get to know your needs and your company’s strategic plans in detail.

Targeted grant call monitoring

In accordance with your business plan for the next 1-5 years, we monitor grant calls and inform you immediately about the appropriate grant constructions/opportunities.

Grant strategy

Getting to know your development goals, we work with you to develop your company’s long-term grant application strategy.

Grant project generation and pre-assessment

We harmonize your project and the selected grant construction to the last detail, and we consider the chances of winning carefully.

Compiling grant application documentations and preparing the necessary studies

We compile and submit the complete application. We prepare the plans, feasibility studies and budget necessary for the application.

Project management of winning grant applications

From the start, we provide constant financial and professional control, and draw down the grant for you without risk. You can count on us all the time.

Step 1:

Determining directions, identifying needs and possibilities

During the first personal meeting, we discuss the short- and long-term project plans and grant ideas in detail, and we get informed about the possibilities, capacities and resources of the company.

Learning all this, we inform the client in advance about the current grant constructions and the ones opening or being called in the near future that might contribute to realizing the ideas.
Then we discuss the general criteria of grant constructions. Our goal is that our client should have real information about all details to make the decisions on which grant construction to apply for.



Step 2:

Targeted grant call monitoring and special client management

We monitor grant calls focusing on the interests of our business partner.

When we focus on one or more special aims or projects, we carry out targeted grant call monitoring to find calls appropriate to the conception of the company and optimal for the project. We focus not only on EU grants, but we also look for Hungarian or other resources.

As soon as an appropriate grant call turns up, we contact our partner.

Step 3:

Strategic partnership

With a strategic partnership, our clients can only win. Its main point is the uniform management of one or multiple major grant applications over the years for the development and growth of the company.

We contract for strategic partnership when a large complex or multiple, even related projects are planned.

In this case, we can plan for years ahead, in a strategy, because our client’s company is eligible for more grant calls at the same time.

The recommended grant constructions and the selected optimal grant possibilities with their pros and cons are discussed in detail during personal grant consulting.

We start preparatory works and we select the most appropriate grant constructions with the client.

At the end of several coordination meetings, we develop a longer-term grant application strategy, and we draw up a priority list of the potential grant constructions.



Step 4:

Grant project generation and pre-assessment

The project generation phase of the application requires to think together carefully. In this phase, the project and the selected grant construction must be harmonized to the last detail.

We prepare our client for the participation in the selected grant construction to the last detail and answer all questions that might come up.

If our client is satisfied with the conditions, we pre-assess the project on the basis of the grant construction, and we consider the chances of winning from a legal, economic, financial and professional point of view.

We process the grant construction documentation in detail, and then we discuss the important items and conditions with our client.

If required, we offer help to involve other legal persons in the project as well, or to establish consortium cooperation.

In case of high budget or specific/ EKD projects, we check the conception with the grant intermediary in advance to increase the chances of winning proactively.

Step 5:

Compiling the grant application documentation and the related materials

It is our responsibility to compile the complete application documentation, to comply with the formal and content requirements, to compile the budget correctly and to submit the application by deadline (see: What we guarantee).

In addition to the budget, we prepare the project’s cash-flow, which is a specific representation of the financial liquidity during implementation, in relation to grant disbursement.

In all aspects coming up in the course of writing the application, we mediate and coordinate between the client and the grant intermediary, and we also even represent the project and the applicant in the grant intermediary organization.

In the course of compiling the application documentation, we considerably undertake the full-range coordination of the participants’ activities (data collection, clarification, check-ups, continuous feedback and requesting resolutions).

We also assist in compiling various materials, studies, plans and documents required for the application.

We also perform any necessary corrective activities after submitting the application.



Step 6:

Project management of winning grant applications

Following a successful application, our company supports its partner during implementation as well. We participate in the conclusion of the Grant Agreement, we provide constant financial and professional control during the implementation and perform the whole grant project management.

Our comprehensive project management service differs fundamentally from that of other grant consulting companies. We prepare for all settlement processes at the very beginning of the project, we discuss the whole process with our client in advance, what and how to implement in order to be able to draw down the full amount of the required grant.

If required, we give advice on the amount and target of budget transfer, and on the need for change notification or contract modification in a way that the process of grant disbursement does not stop.

After winning the grant, together with the participants of the project, we discuss the tasks undertaken in the project, cost scheduling, obligations, criteria and their documentation. Therefore, having a comprehensive knowledge about them, the colleagues and partners of the client can start the implementation.

We take part in all phases of project settlement. We prepare for submitting documents in time, we indicate the time and amount of resources to draw down, and when we see risks.

We compile the materials necessary for site audits, we also prepare the representatives of our client and we participate in the audits in person.

During the implementation, we are in constant contact with our clients, the intermediary organizations and the directing authorities, as well as with all the participants of the implementation.

Our results are reflected by the fact that our partners are our regular clients from all over Hungary, whose projects we follow from the first step, from the preparation, through the implementation, to the end of the sustainment period.

The projects we have followed so far have been completely disbursed.

Client satisfaction survey

Here are the results of a comprehensive anonymous questionnaire survey carried out recently among our clients.

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