About us

Three secrets to our success


We only undertake projects that we also believe in and can contribute to implement them. We strive for quality over quantity.


With our expertise, the dreams and initial plans of our partners become well-thought-out, real grant projects. We inspire each other in the course of planning, and the results give both parties great pleasure.


We know that the winning grant projects can be implemented in safe. We have developed a system in which the drawdown of grants is scheduled and risk-free.

The basis of long-lasting and successful cooperation is mutual trust

From the first meeting, we strive to build trust and effective cooperation and to maintain it for years. We know that our clients are specialists in their field – just like us in the field of grant processes. Our clients shall make the decisions related to their projects, so it is important for us that they trust that they receive the best possible information and advice from us in every phase of the project.

During projects, clients often have to deal with unexpected situations and unforeseen changes. We do our best that our clients feel our human and professional support, we stand by them in these situations and we benefit our clients. We haven’t had any “failed” projects, none of our clients had to repay the grant amount disbursed.

Our grant consulting team

Long-lasting growth and successful operation can only be achieved with an excellent team. When you sign a contract with ACT Partner Stratégia, not only a single person will work on your grant application, but the expertise of all of us will help your grant project.


Owner, manager and professional leader of Act Partner Stratégia Kft.

She has had experience and routine in generating, compiling and managing Hungarian, EU and other international grant projects since 2000.

Her strengths include strategic planning and generation of complex projects. Thanks to her excellent negotiation skills, she successfully builds cooperation between companies, specialists, supervisory and professional organizations involved in the projects. She has managed significant projects in Research, Development and Innovation grant constructions by connecting companies and research institutes.

“New clients find an ally in me to implement their plans. I find solutions where others have already backed out. I am proud of our trust-based relationship with our regular clients.”

“With my experience and with authentic and accurate information, I help our clients no to get lost in the mazes of grant applications. Thanks to our established systems, everyone is aware of their tasks and responsibilities.”


Grant consultant

Qualification: chartered accountant, economic agronomist.

She has been involved in the compilation, project management and financial planning of Hungarian and EU grant projects since 2009. She also has significant experience in accountancy, property investment and client management, which she can profitably make use of in grant projects.

One of her strengths is systems thinking. She carries out the management and settlement of large-scale R & D & I, training and vocational training workshop projects from idea to implementation. She has a prominent role in the development of CONRAD accounting software, which is unique in the market.

Viktória VEJVÁR

Grant consultant

Qualification: economist specialized in management.

She has been involved in the preparation and financial settlement of Hungarian and EU grant projects since 2012, first as a grant application assistant and then since 2019, as a full-fledged grant consultant.

Her strengths include pre-assessment, eligibility assessment, budget planning, compilation of grant applications and management of settlements related to operational projects (asset acquisition, job creation, business development).

“It is important to me that our clients consider us a flexible and reliable partner. I pay particular attention to every client and try to explain everything clearly to our clients.”

“For us, the client’s interest is really the priority. Whatever life brings, we focus on the solution. It feels good to know that my work is important and contributes to providing quality service.”


Grant application assistant

Qualification: accountant, economist specialized in business management.

She sets the background for our company, which enables our grant consultants to use up-to-date grant application information and guidelines and to perform tasks according to the status of each project accurately and completely.

One of her strengths is controller’s approach, thanks to which she also plays a significant role in the settlement of projects. She manages the company’s databases and statements, and provides the administrative background.