Special grant for the training challenges of companies

Companies can apply for a special training grant if:

SSC – a dynamically growing economic sector

The lack of company-specific knowledge due to global services, new technologies, the development of business processes, robotics and other intelligent solutions and employee turnover is a huge problem for regional shared service centers.

Trainings for up to hundreds of people are constantly needed for both existing, expanding and future regional shared service centers. World class, complex and value-creating services require qualified professionals.

But there are non-refundable grants: up to a maximum amount in HUF equivalent to EUR 5,000 per person, up to a maximum of EUR 2 million.

Here we come into the picture.

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Ildikó Sarkadi
expert grant consultant

ACT Partner Stratégia makes it easier for you to apply for a grant

We can help your company get support for starting or developing your SSC by a grant construction.

One of the key fields of expertise of our company is the compilation of SSC special training grant and other investment promotion grant applications, and full-range settlement and management of grant projects.

You can also count on us to manage the settlement of a grant already awarded

Do you feel that changing training needs or high employee turnover risk the disbursement of the grant already awarded?
Are there problems with the settlement?

The training needs and conditions of large companies, especially SSCs, are constantly changing due to rapid global transformations.

Improper management of changing needs and high employee turnover may risk the disbursement of grants already awarded. An error detected during a site audit may lead to a significant reduction in the grant amount, or even the repayment of the grant.

Several years of experience
in SSC training grant

Our company has been assisting regional shared service centers, SSCs of multinational companies in the acquisition and full-range settlement of special training grants since 2013.

We have contributed to the training and drawdown of related training support for more than 1,700 employees of shared service centers so far.

grant accounting software

Our own developed CONRAD software is suitable for accounting training series of up to
hundreds of people.
Please see our video about it below.

By using the software, we guarantee that our clients can submit their grant settlements on time, accurately and risk-free, and can draw down the grant as scheduled.

Essential elements of special training grant

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Why should you entrust ACT Partner Stratégia Kft. with the management of your SSC training grant?

Our company has been dealing with the application for and settlement of training grants awarded based on a special ministerial decision since 2013.

We are up to date on the full range of requirements for training grants.

As a reliable strategic partner, we perform the following activities for your company:

Our company has been able to draw down the planned grants completely in our previous SSC projects, even in case of several years’ training of hundreds of people.

Our unique solution: CONRAD, our accounting software

Manual settlement of long training series of hundreds of people is a very complex job that requires extremely detailed and accurate work. There is a lot of room for error, which may risk the total disbursement of the grant.

Our software, CONRAD, has been specifically developed for the settlement of such training projects.

To show the difference between the times required for settlement:

Get to know CONRAD, the smart solution of ACT Partner Stratégia

The program processes documents related to the training it compares data and filters out errors immediately it creates databases of the trainings, the participants and the trainers.

Entrust our company and CONRAD with the complete settlement – we can guarantee your success.

ACT Partner Stratégia is your strategic partner in the following projects types

Settlement of ongoing special training grant

Do you have problems with performing the settlement of your training grant already awarded? Would you change your training plan? Is there a high employee turnover? Will there be a site audit in your company? During settlement, there may be a risk, if you do not consider the changes and their consequences in time. Settlement is too complex and time consuming. With our grant accounting software, CONRAD, we can solve the problems quickly, accurately and in time.

Expansion or development of an existing SSC

Will at least 25 new high value-added jobs be created in the SSC sector? Would it be useful for your employees to acquire different skills and develop their competencies? Train your colleagues within working hours and cover 50 % of the costs of the period of training with a non-refundable grant.

Establishment of a new regional shared service center

Young people with language skills who are easy to train, public grant for continuing training, job-creating grant for the expansion of companies, tax allowances, advanced infrastructure – all of these are great opportunities for the European and EMEA service centers of large foreign enterprises and multinational companies.